Trophy Takers (TT) was established in 1986 and has since that time represented an important component of the Trophy Bowhunting scene here in Australia. Designed and controlled by a Board of Directors who are themselves active and experienced bowhunters, Trophy Takers is dedicated to servicing the sport of bowhunting nationally with a recording rating system.

TT records and compares by size, utilising the unchanged and internationally accepted Douglas point Score system (DS) of measurement, the species of wild boar, goat, buffalo and deer and other species of the South Pacific. The service allows an up to date comparison of rating placement of trophies accepted and issues a certificate confirming the achievement at that time.

Trophy Takers not only caters for the dedicated trophy bowhunter but quite frequently the casual bowhunter who wishes to know how his or her trophy compares with the best. Included with the rating certificate is a printout of the top 50 rated in the species entered. Not only are they informed of their own individual rating for the species but those possibly better to beat.

Trophy Takers offers a challenge to the competitively natured, in bettering ratings in all species or topping the number one spot in each species.

Trophy takers does not oppose or compete with any other club or organisation. On the contrary, it is designed to backup and compliment established organisations and recognise the ideals and rules of these bodies in both Australia and overseas so long as they are in support of better bowhunting. Trophy Takers is not affiliated with any organisation and is designed similar to the Pope and Young Club of America to simply service the sport. A member of any organisation, club or other individual who hunts alone is eligible for membership. Trophy Takers offers a bowhunter who is not a member of a measuring organisation, the chance to have a legal trophy recognised and recorded.

Ongoing promotion of a high standard of accuracy and ethics utilising ‘Rules of Fair Chase’ plus a ‘Code of Ethics’ is paramount to TT’s charter as is the fostering and encouragement amongst members of wildlife conservation and the environment.

To cater for membership, two forms of membership are available to the bowhunter. Regular membership for the serious hunter who wishes to avail themselves of the ongoing service provided (printouts, certificates, a cloth badge, newsletters and an invite to the Annual Awards) or Associate membership for those who wish to only use the services perhaps once or twice. In both cases application for membership must include a trophy for rating and applicants can obtain the necessary forms including membership cost details and options by writing to Trophy Takers at the address below:

Trophy Takers
PO Box 1804,
Armidale, NSW, 2350

Applications for regular membership must be endorsed by a current member.

Existing regular members can also gain a yearly small game certificate plus rate fox, cat and exotic game on their own personal files as an additional free service.

Once a year Trophy Takers hold their Annual Awards. It is a time for regular members and invited guests to meet, talk and relax with friends and families.

The format is kept informal and relaxed with the emphasis on a social get together , yet hunts, fishing and ‘use when you want’ field courses are quite often part of the weekends attractions. Competitive field events are not part of the program. Other highlights of the four days are the wild game banquet incorporating camp oven cooking the all important Sunday night Awards presentations.

Members are asked to bring Trophy heads, skins, photo’s, photo albums and hand crafted items such as knives, bows, arrows, leather work etc for our now famous displays.

The Awards locations are selected twelve months in advance and well publicised enabling many members to plan the awards around their holidays year in year out. In the past annual awards have been held over the four day long weekend in the first week of October.